Monday, March 29, 2010

Hay and Galahad

Well, Saturday, mom, Samantha and I went to get square bales for the goats....we got lost....well, not LOST just went WAY past te road we were suppose to turn on and then, when we were on the right road, we went WAY past the what should of been a (at most) 20 minute drive turned into and hour drive.
We purchased 40 bales of hay, and (thankfully) the men there loaded it because if not it would of taken us a lot longer than  it did them! They we so quick loading the hay in the back of the pick-up!

Before we went and picked up the hay Samantha and I had to clean up a place in the animal barn (where the goats and chickens are kept) to keep the hay...we had to move out two broken freezers (we're going to be taking them for scrap metal (we'll get paid for them...I think). Let me tell you, those freezers were HEAVY! And only Samantha and I were there to move them.
We still have to clean and build a stall for the sheep (which we still have yet to get any email saying they're born).

No call about the bees yet.
Oh, yes, Galahad, he is a very naughty horse! He went through the fence (thankfully into the first field) again!!!!!!
Anyone out there have extra fencing they'd like to give to us? We can't afford to buy any fencing right now.

Spencer went with Grandma for a week and a half to help out one of our aunts fix up there house to sell.

It snowed the other day! SNOW!!! And then it rained this past week, so my head hurt all week...BUT now the weather is suppose to get much better!!!

Two weeks, two days till Dorothy is due!! It's like two days longer for Sophie. We're going to start really watching them April 1st (that's there two weeks early mark). I'm so excited!!!

Wishing for much warmer weather!
Gabrielle W. 

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