Friday, March 5, 2010

Beekeeping Supplies Have Arrived

The beekeeping supplies came yesterday! Yeah!

I woke up feeling fine, but now, as the day goes on, I am feeling head hurts, my throat is starting to feel sore...I have to keep blowing my nose....Remington and Samantha were sick a few days ago, so I most likely have what they, I don't even go to a school and I still get sick....

Today is a sunny day, all the animals are outside. We are hoping that it will warm up enough to thaw the hose so we can fill the horses water troughs up.....all through the winter we have to lug out water jugs to water out'd think I'd be all macho and strong....wrong, I swear it gets harder and harder everytime!

Hope all the readers are doing well, God Bless!
Gabrielle W.