Monday, February 15, 2010

To-Do List 2010

Ok, so with the ton of time to waste on this very snowy cold day (yes it' snowing again, according to the Farmers Almanac this should be it), I've made a list of things that are going to be happening and things to-do..

Our Lambs are due

Dorothy and Sophie are Due
Towards the end we'll be picking up our lambs
My dog turns 5

Planting Time
My cat turns 11

Now here are things that need done;
Clean and make a stall for the ewe's
Plow and get the garden ready for planting
Prune the fruit trees
Get seeds to plant in the garden
Put a piece of roof back on the horse barn
Paint fence posts
"Spring Clean" the very messy barns
Re-Do the horse fencing (the horses have been breaking through the electric fencing)

Winter time is the best time to sit down and make a list of to-dos, want-to-dos ect. And by having the list you will make sure to get the things done that need done...During/after doing chores I make sure to take note of things that need done, JUST make sure to WRITE THEM DOWN!

Me and some friends made a 2010 bucket list, a list of things we want to do together. The moment I publish this I'll think of a million other things to add...

Start your lists!
Gabrielle W.

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