Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sour Crop and 100 days Pregnant

First, you know how I was telling you about the hen with the sour crop? And how we tried what they said and it was a bust? Well it worked last night! I picked her up, and when I did my fingers pressed against her crop (I was holding her upside down because when held like that, chickens calm down) and the stuff just started pouring out of her mouth *gag*. It was all mucusy and yellowish *gag*, they say it stinks, so I was like ok, down smell, right when I thought I took a breath in (through my nose) and OH my GOSH! It smelled so bad!!
So anywho, I held her upside down for 10 seconds, massaging her crop, I tell you, that stuff just kept pouring our of her! I set her down, and she just sat there looking very stressed (there is a reason they say to only do it for 10 seconds and only do it twice). Samantha and I decided to put her in a crate (because she shouldn't eat anything, remember, we're trying to empty her croup) we placed a waterer in with her (unless instructed by your vet, you should never deny animals water, bad things happen when animals don't have access to water).
She seemed a little better this morning....we'll repeat the holding upside down process tonight.

Dorothy is now 100 days pregnant! 50 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our bees will be here sometime in March!

We are thinking, that this year, we're going to order our seeds rather than buy them at walmart or lowes....We just haven't had any luck with seeds from the stores lately...and this way we can also buy heirloom seeds....I am so excited for spring and gardening!

The snow has been melting the past few days...though the new mentioned some more flurries sometime soon...As the snow melts, I enjoy seeing the grass come through (though it's now where near being gree like in spring time).

All the animals have there blankets off, and they have for a while. It's kind of amussing to remove there blankets after they've worn them a while....they look naked!

Fubar has scurs, which are worrying me. A scur is where they weren't debudded quite right and some of the horn keeps growing....welll both of his horns kept growing. They usually fell off after they got half inch to an inch long, but this time they're starting to curl back.....I worry because it they keep growing there is a chance it will start punchuring the skin.....I'm not sure why they didn't fall off this time.....maybe (horns are made up of hairs) since it's winter time and he has a nice winter coat his horns are attached better.....

Stay warm my dear readers!
Gabrielle W.