Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well today is a snowy day, very cold and windy. There are drifts like over four feet deep! Everything is frozen, the trees have the beautiful ice covering.

I went out and took some photos.
It's amazing how different and things look when covered in snow. Also how beautiful things can be all snowy white, you just have to know where to look.

All the horses and goats have there coats on today. Samantha is cleaning the does stall today. Which she had been meaning to do for the past forever.

Henwen (the rooster mentioned in one of the previous posts) I think still has the eye, so, YEAH! Whether or not it still functions is a question...

I'm going to be making pumkin bars today, if they turn out good, I'kll give yall the recipe.

I am getting so excited for March and April!!! March our babydoll sheep will be born. April our does will kid!!! I am so excited!

We're really starting to look into bees. We're thinking of taking a class on bee keeping. Before I read a book about them I was like, there is no way I want bees!!! But now after reading about them, I'm actually excited about getting bees!

Stay Warm!
Gabrielle W.

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