Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shoveling snow

I sit here, panting, trying to catch my breath after shoveling the driveway and porch. When you see snow falling you think, how light and beautiful. When you see snow resting on the ground and branched, you think God has amazing art work....when you pick up a shovel and your back starts burning you wonder, how can it be this heavy?!?

According to the news there might be more snow coming...great.....You know, I like snow...I love December, to get you into the Christmas mood sort of speak. Some dusting all through winter is good to...but when the snow piles up and prevents you from opening a gate to do chores, forcing you to climb the gate prevents me from loving it right now...
Oh, well, it's mid-February....Soon March and April is spring so.....Staurday I'm going to be going to the Creation Museum for a lecture on Bee Keeping. I am so excited!!!

Stay Warm,
Gabrielle W.