Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Level 3 snow emergency

Ok, well, it snowed some more...well....alot more if you account the wind creating drifts.

Today I bought baking soda for the goats (sodium bicarbonate) is good for goats, not only do they like it, but it is a mineral and it helps prevent bloat. I hate the idea of bloat, bloat is where the goats ruminant chamer fills with gas that should of been burped out (or farted). Well, bloat is like a really really bad tummy ache, but unlike in humans it can kill a goat. Slowly (and painfully) suffocating it by pressing on the lungs AND it can stop the heart the same way!!
We attempted to "treat" the sour crop, but it didn't work so...we'll see how she is tomorrow....
Blessings, sleep well!
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Gabrielle W.