Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hen Wen

Well, it looks like (I'm almost 100% positive) Hen Wen still has that eye, whether or not he can see from it I'm not sure...

We had a lot of snow back on Monday night (so much schools were canceled all week). I went out and took pictures of everything, it's so beautiful when snow has freshly fallen...and then it starts to melt, still ok, except for the ugly road sides, all gray/brow/black YUCK!

ok, so like yesterday my dad came is from getting a package for UPS and got his gloves and started to head back outside saying, "I'm going take care that ice on those steps right now before someone slips and hurts themself." thing I hear is a load noise and my dad yelling....yes, he slipped on the ice on the steps that he was heading to take care of...last night he was really sore, he could barely walk, hopefull he'll feel better today...

Ooo! Tomorrow, my parents, Samantha and I are going to be going to a bellet! It's 'Cinderella'. If you've never been to one, they are really cool (hence MY DAD ENJOYS THEM!) just choose one with a story, first time my parents went, it was 'A Midsummers Night Dream' , the first time Samantha and I went it was '1001 Nights.'

Well, that's all going on here, we're really, REALLY looking into getting bees now. I'm actually really excited after reading BEEKEEPING FOR DUMMIES.

Enjoying the last of winter,
Gabrielle W.

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