Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beekeeping Class and the Creation Museum

Yesterday Dad, Spencer, Samantha and I went to the Creation Museum down in KY for a beekeeping class (we're also members so after the class we also walked through the museum).

The class started at 9:00 so we had to leave our house by 7:30...
Upon arriving at the Creation Museum we had to check in at the desk and then we went down the exit stairs to the room the class was being held in. The class had just started so we quickly slipped in and sat down.
The guy giving the class was really good. He kept things simple and easy to understand....he didn't get into anything that we didn't need to know the first year or so of beekeeping...the class lasted three hours, at the first break we got some doughnuts and milk the man teaching had brought for everyone...

Did you know that Drone bees (they are the males) don't sting! They head butt!!! After the class Dad bought a nuc of bees!!! A nuc is a ready to go a come spring we'll have bees!!!!

It's so exciting!

Enjoying life,
Gabrielle W.