Friday, February 26, 2010

Bee Supplies

We've ordered our bee supplies!!! I am so excited!!

I am pretty sure Hen Wen can't see out of that one snowed yesterday, well, yesterday or the day before...not alot but enough to make it chilly again.
The horses and boys (the goats not my brothers) have there coats back on...I tried to put Dorothy's on her, but the back strap was to small!!!! Which means she better be pregnant, because if not she'd gotten really fat!
I am getting such cabin fever!!! I am ready for spring, which is saying alot because I don't mind winter....

Mom was asking me yesterday (because I mentioned wanting to move to Montana) if I really wanted to move there. Because the winters are harder up there... what I decided is that the state doesn't matter...what I picture is flat pasture and farm lands, rolling hills, forests, mountains and a river. That is what I picture. 
Moving a little  ferther south for a little longer growing period would be better than moving fether north...
It's strange to think, really think, about what you want, how what you want changes. I didn't want Montana, I wanted the view. A view which can be found in other states...

God Bless!
Gabrielle W.