Thursday, January 14, 2010


Right now I'm going through the Seed Savers Exchange catalog.
All of their seeds are heirloom, meaning I can save the seeds and use them the following year(s).
Unlike the seeds you buy in stores, these are not altered to be stronger, have more fruits, larger fruits, drought resistant, ect. Most seed you buy in stores, if you saved their seeds and planted them the next year if they even grew, you'd end up with mutant fruits as we call them.
We've never saved seed before and I'm not sure if we'll try this year, but still one can look.

Wow, there are some amazing fruits and veggie out there!!! It's getting me so excited for spring!! Our garden is in major need of work, but I'm still excited!!

And for those, non-gardeners, no it's not to early to start planning a garden.

Start Planning Everyone, spring is just around the corner!

Gabrielle W.

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