Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey Everyone, Happy 2010!

Well, it's the start of the new year, and though it's a cold start I feel it's going to be a good year. For Christmas Samantha and I got babydoll sheep! It's so exciting, we have yet to get them, because they have yet to be born. Babydoll sheep are so cute!

Babydoll Southdown sheep are known for easy handling and docile dispositions. They are nurturing mothers. Their small size and easy keeping metabolism requires less acreage per animal compared to other breeds. Thus they are referred to as being"Easy Keepers."
Babydoll Southdown's are primarily used as grass mowers, pets, 4H, and show projects in both conformation and wool. The babydoll sheeo has to be beteen 18-24 inches! It's fiber is comapred to cashmere!

Ours are mainly pets....we'll harvest the wool and learn to spin it and everything.

It's really cold today, snow and everything! A week or so ago, my dad finally put outlets in the animal barn (where the does and chickens are kept) and in the horse barn (both near the water for a water heater-to keep it from freezing, and on the side where my boys-Fubar/the buck and Snafu/the wheater are kept. So now, the girls and boys have heat lamps. The girls are taking the cold pretty well, the boys, this is there first winter, so it's going to be the hardest for them. We actually have two heat lamps for the boys because Fubar was shaking really bad one day, NOT A FUN THING TO SEE!!!

Dorothy (fingers crossed) was 50 days pregnant yesterday! YEAH!!! Only 100 more to go!! Sophie (her first breeding) will be 50 days tomorrow, her second breeding 22 or so days from now she'll be 50 days pregnant. Samantha decided to breed Sphie twice because she wasn't sure whether or not it took and she was in heat again so, better safe than sorry...

I busy working on making coats for Dorothy an then I'll make on for the boys.

A few weeks ago, I got back from VA, after visiting my Aunt and babysitting for her. My Aunt showed me all around DC, and there are some amazing things there, so don't get me wrong, but....I missed the country so bad! The city was hectic, people were rude and...I didn't feel 10o percent safe....I rode the metro while I was there (which is like a train/subway) and wow, yo can't be shy getting on (or off) you have to be aggressive! Pushing past people, and then, you're packed like sardeens, hope you don't mind people touch you. The farm life is so much more relaxed and calm....and nice...people are alot nicer and willing to do something for nothing....

Whether or not anyone reads this, if you hate it or enjoy it, I enjoyn telling people about my life on a beggining hobby farm. One day, I'll have a link from my offical farm website and people can read about how it all go started...Enjoy your life, curl up with hot coco and a movie (or book) stay warm and Happy New Year!

God Bless Everyone!
Gabrielle W.

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