Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chickens left out

The past couple days (like three days in a row), we'd head out to let the animals out and a chicken (or two) would be out in the yard.
We have no clue how they were left out! And then one of the days we had two chickens out, one of which had his head all bloody and from where his comb had been pecked. I couldn't tell weather or not his comb was frost bit... He's in the skate barn right now...recieving TLC.

Well, Last night we found out how. In the chicken yard is a tarp covered chicken tractor and, in far back is a perch...well, the chickens must feel safe in the tractor cause that's where they decided to sleep...the only reason we found out is because last night I counted the chickens and we were missing one of the hens. Samantha had to go all the way to the house to get a flash light. And there she was sleeping in the back of the tractor...

I tell you, I was getting paranoid! I was like, there is NO WAY for us to of missed a chicken! Turns out there was a way...

Gabrielle W.

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