Friday, November 20, 2009

Cold is here

Well, you can tell that winter is just around the corner. And that, Thanksgiving is just next week. The weather is cold, and icky...with random sun coming through....I have so much to update, but I don't even know where to start.

We have seven horses...I don't know if I ever told any one that, in the past two months w got three more horses, all wonderful riding horses!
We now have sand in the arena.

Samantha and I bred our goats this past week. So cross your fingers the breeding takes! That was interesting, breeding them. Fubar, being a first time breeder. He didn't quite know how to "do it". Dorothy was his size so that was easy once he realized what he was suppose to do. Sophie is tall, so we had to give Fubar a block to stand on. We also had to hold onto the does so they wouldn't walk away.

Dad is adding on the the porch....well he's already added on to it, now, come spring, he'll add a roof. Mom's trying to decide what to paint it...

Oh, whe we got sand in the arena, we had to rent a buldozer. An while we had it, we cleaning up alot with it. Like the inside of the horse barn, we flattened it out. Um, the manure pile, we moved all of that to the garden.

Christmas is coming and I pretty much know what I'm getting everyone.

I know there is more, the chicks we hatched one is a rooster, so we have to try to find someone to take it....

With so much love,
Gabrielle W.

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