Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There is so much to type!!!

Ok, first, the meat birds are now...five weeks old...They are now outside in a brand new chicken tractor my dad build...

We have four goats...yeah, I know, where did this come from?!?! First we got two of the bucklings from our friends, one is being weather (fixed male) tomorrow acually...They both are being disbudded (having there horns removed before they grow in) tomorrow also...

The next is Samantha's goat, a three year old saanan. Her name is Soffie (not sure how she spells it yet). She is in milk.

Then my little girl, Dorothy, shes a beautiful lamancha doe. She is dry right now, but may be pregnant...

In one week, we got four goats....that's funny!

Hmm, lets see here, Oh, we have a ton of strawberries in the freezer, I plan on making some yummy jam....For mommy's b-day we got her a presser cooker/canner....that's going to come in handy!!!!
It's been really, nice here, we've been blessed with a lot of rain, so our garden is doing great!

Mom, Samantha and I have a job, together....again......we are working at a stable, cleaning stalls....how cool is that?!

Some of our fruit trees have silk worms in them...we really need to get rid of them.....
Well, I think that's it...I am not really sure, it's been so long since my last blog...
Enjoy Your summer!!!
Gabrielle W.

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