Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mothers Day!!

Mom and I spent the whole day gardening and I wouldn't trade it in! I love gardening! We planted ALL, our seeds, watermellons, cantaloupe, another type of mellon, corn, beans, radishes, squash, tomatoes, hot peppers, brussle sprouts, carrots, gords and...I thinks that's it...We fixed the rows, and (to plant some of the veggies) we pulled up all the plastic we had warming the garden. We also cover the potatoes with more dirt, as instructed by the instructions, this encourages more potatoes to grow and also keeps the potatoes from turning green.
After all this; we decided we wanted to expand the garden a few more rows! So while we finished in the garden (watering, cleaning up ect.) dad mowed the area we are expaning into and then he tilled it! He also put the pvc poles around it (we use these, along with electric wire, to keep dogs and rabbits out). We're going to plant (maybe) more corn, and beans, we're going to make another strawberrie row, and I want to plant a bunch of sunflowers. To do this we have to go seed shopping again. We moved our indoor seedlings outside for today, we're starting to harden them off.

Dad also mowed one of the horse fields, and around the property. Samantha cleaned out the skatebarn getting ready for the meat chicks; wow they'll be here in little over a week! We're going to put the eggs in with Mimic; pray she becomes broody!!!

We still have no replies about a goat....After everyone gets back from visiting grandma's in a week, we're going to send a email through the reach group (a homeschool connection email; allowing home schoolers in our area to send info about events and stuff).

I'm going to say a little pray for our garden before I sign off...

Dear Lord,
Please bless our garden and do with it Your will. Please allow us a bountiful harvest and to see Your amazing plan at work. With lots of love, Your daughter,
Gabrielle W.

Blog to ya later yall!

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