Monday, May 4, 2009


Right now we're in the process of getting things ready to get some dairy goats.
Samantha and I are going to be getting one (one each) from where we're unsure; we posted a want ad on CL and hoobly. But have yet to get a reply we're looking for. Mom is going to be getting a doeling (a female kid, or baby goat for nonfarmers) from our friends if one of there two does birth a doeling! That will be so much fun bottle feeding it!!!

We have three difforent chicken groups going right now; Mimic and Afroman are in a chicken tractor; we want one of there crosses, and also Mimic is going to be brooding the eggs. The bantam rooster and then the hens and Ginger Bread, cause we want standard chicks not bantam crosses.
We have plants coming up in the garden! It's so exciting...

The last couple days mom and I have been mowing yard, are 3-4 acres (the rest of our seven acres are in pasture for the horses; and soon goats) yard with a push mower...

Everyone is taking a turn being sick. Spencer, Colton and now Samantha...I feel like my body is fighting something; but I'm not quite sick...

Gabrielle W.
If anyone has questions feel free to ask!

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