Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleaning and rain

It rained yesterday and today; which is great for our garden and transplanted trees!

Samantha found a goat she might be interested in....
We've been busy clean and fixing the goat stall area...There is so much work that still neds done...All the insolators are up on the fence posts; now we can put the fencing up.
It looks like the egg hatching is going to be a bust this year; we moved Mimic back in with the other hens (along with the eggs) to see if ANY of the hens will become broody; but nope, none...But we have till Tuesday, there is still hope!!!
Our meat birds come this Tuesday; and we're still not ready for them!!!
One of our friends two does had her kids; three BOYS!!! Hopefully there next one will have a doeling for us!!!

We transplanted out seedlings outside today; we're done dealing with them; I don't what we did wrong but they all look wilted and...we tried to hard to make them grow...We finished extending the garden; we have five more rows now!!! The other day mom put manure around almost all of the fruit trees; it's good for them.

With God watching over me, anything can happen;
Gabrielle W.

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