Sunday, April 5, 2009

Again, I put off and put off posting and now I'm over run...

This past Tuesday the farrier came out and did the horses hooves and turns out Seattle has a abscess of the hoof that's burst. And so everyday for the next month we have to put 60cc (I think that's it) of (get this) apple cider vinegar into the cleans it out and kills the germs for, we planted some seeds out side in the garden, fingers cross they grow.

Tomorrow it's going to be like in the thirties or so...chances of flurries...

We found out why the blooder lamp wasn't working in the chicken coop; in the horse barn (where it's plugged in) under the hay, was a cut in the cord! You could see where it was burned! And the hay did NOT catch fire! What a blessing!!!!

The past three weekends I've been visiting family...which I love!

~Gabrielle W.

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