Saturday, March 14, 2009

Horsemanship class and Seeds

Hello again,
This is going to be a three day post due to me forgetting to blog the past couple days, so it'll be a little long...

Well, this past thursday (the 12th) I had my second to last horseman ship class and, it didn't turn out to good;
I start out putting on the saddle and (I'm use to putting it on correctly) this time I felt like I was looking at the inside of a rocket...I had to have the teacher help...we get to the arena and I mount Rodney and I get the feeling I have to buckle up; I even reached over for the belt...
well, the first hour we walked, trotted, 2 pointed, and posted. Then came down to cantering, which, I can never get any of the horses to do...Well, Rodney was being a butt (again) but times it by ten... Three times he bought ran into Samantha's horse, and tried to kick her...well, the first time he transitioned into the canter he did a hop transition and I bought went over his head... I was holding onto the saddle for dear life. Then he went back down to the trot, and we tried again, this time he bucked... I stayed on...we tried again, he just went into a very fast trot...keep in mind I'm kicking his sides the whole time...We tried yet again, this time I used the reins to smack him on the bottom, he bucked AGAIN, the teacher said that should be the worse of it...well, nope, it got worse. I've been trying for a good 20-30 minutes to get him to canter, I'm kicking as hard as I can and I'm really tired at this point...I'm getting very stressed out and I'm still shaking from the transition scare and well, he bucked again thise time all four of him feet were off the ground, sending me flying over a foot out of the saddle and almost over the saddle onto his neck. It terrified me!!! Rodney took two steps and I started crying...which caused me to be embarrassed making me cry more...stress, fear, and being embarressed...well Tim and I switched horses (cause Rodney now HAD to canter) and Rodney was still being a real jerk! He did not want to canter, it took Tim a while but finally he cantered...And that was the class...

Yesterday we (mom, Samantha and I) went and got the seeds we're going to plant early indoors...tomatoes, sweet peppers, salsa mix peppers, lettuce, califlower, and broccoli. Samantha chose some herbs to plant. We'll be planting them tomorrow, very exciting! Hmm, we also looked at fruit trees yesterday. Sometimes I wish I had unlimited amount of money to spend at lowes!

Today it's suppose to be spotted showers and then warm up to the sixties, which will be nice. Samantha has been looking for a 4H group she went to one, which was filled with kids under 10, and today she's trying another one today, she's there now actually. The boy bought a new game yesterday so there upstairs playing it, still, I don't know if they even went to sleep.

Well enjoy the spring,
Gabrielle W.

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