Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let me introduce everyone

Hello there;
My name is Gabrielle and I live on a seven acre farm with my family;
Dad- Police Officer
Mom- Home Maker/And our teacher, since third grade she's home-schooled my siblings and I
Spencer. He's in the process of getting his welding certification. He's my gun/weapon, outdoor, and food loving big brother.
Me. Class of 2008.
Samantha. Class of 2010, She's my only sister and my best friend.
Remington.Class of 2011, he's my game playing, skate boarding, guitar loving younger brother.
Colton. Class of 2014, he's my game playing, skate boarding, guitar loving baby brother. Until recent Reminton and Colton looked like twins (there intrests are the same still) but now Remington is the tallest of us all.

I need to introduce our animals that way as I progress in my blogging I won't have to explain who the animal is.

Our horses;
Settle-16hh Bay TB mare
Odysseus-17.2hh Black TB gelding-my horse and baby
D'Artagnon-16hh Tri-Color pinto gelding
Lynwy-14.2hh Black arabian mare

Our dogs;
Buddy-Tri-Color Collie-Our vehicle racing, mail person loving family dog
Mushu-Papillon-my dog and baby; he has a seeing problem where he's actually partially blind
Isobell-Lewellin Setter-she was going to be my dad's pointer but he never fully worked with her so now she's a good (bird crazy) family dog
Zorro-Black and tan mini-dachshund-Samantha's lazy dog
Smudge-Jack Russel Terrier-Remington's rat, mice, rabbit, bird, chicken, snake, toad killing dog
Tito-Corgi/Chihuahua mix-Colton's vacuum cleaning food inhaling dog
Chance-Pitbull/Boxer cross-Our over sized lap dog

Our Cats;
Princess-my first baby, I've had her since 1999, I started the cat thing as mom says.
Prince-Spencer's cat
Slinky-Samantha's cat
Mittens-Remington's cat
Snowball-Colton's cat
Sassy-Samantha's and My "devil cat" she's sweet but loves to play and ambush both us and the other cats.

We have a flock of 24 chickens which a few have names;
Chuckabow-Old english game bantam Rooster
Henwen-Silkie rooster
Hatchly-Silkie rooster
Mimic-Silkie hen
Lional-Cochin we think rooster we really arn't sure
Ugly Duckling-Rhode Island Red rooster (yes he's a chicken)
Ginger Bread or Ginger Bread Man-americana/arucana rooster
and then we have 16 egg layers (3 red leghorns, 2 white leghorns, 4 black australorps, 4 anconas, 3 americana/araucana)

So now you know my family...I hope you enjoy my blog!

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