Thursday, March 19, 2009

Full day

Yesterday was such a full day I didn't get a chance to blog! Yesterday Dad, and I marked the spots where 17 more fence posts will be. Then dad took the tractor and drilled them; on the last hole the tractor died and Spencer came out to help...Then mom, Samantha, Remington and I carried the posts to there spots...Samantha and I then tampted them all down in place; except for the corners which needed concrete. Dad and Samantha then fill the three holes with concrete...Now all they need is painted...

Mom spent the day getting the garden ready for planting... I helped a little. We tilled, then put black plastic over two-(it was getting dark by then so we had to clean up) the rows both for heating the soil and for preventing weeds; all we need is straw now...We also weeded some of the strawberry patch...

The boys removed a huge piece of crumbled metal wire (it was an inch thick and if we could of stretched it out it would have be at least twenty feet long) that was burried in the ground since we moved here...the old owners created a garbage pile that's filled with broken glass, rusty wire, ect. that we now have to clean up. Mom and I helped clean some of the glass from the pile.

And Samantha also worked with her horse and little.

On todays agenda? Well, we are probebly going to finally trim our fruit trees...we kept putting it off and now it's almost to late. Samantha and I have our last horsemanship class tonight...We're going to go to tractor supply to buy some plants that are on sale...and mom might ride Seattle...that's what we have planned but who knows...

Gabrielle W.

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