Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicken yard

Today Samantha and I worked with Seattle and Odysseus. I rode Seattle again and Samantha rode Odysseus; don’t ask me why she’s riding my horse it just turned out that way. We worked with Seattle first again and then it was Odysseus’s turn. Samantha had him walk for a while and then she asked for a trot. He went once around the round pen in a beautiful trot and then he did a no, no; he went into a canter WITH OUT being asked. Samantha held on and got him to stop. She freaked out when he went into the canter but she sat it BEAUTIFULLY!!!
After we had finished, dad and mom had gotten back from Lowe’s and we helped work on the chicken coop area, we made a drainage spot using tubing and rocks so that in late fall through early spring (it’s floods REALLY bad here) the chickens won’t have a personal pond...and so we don’t have to muck through the stagnant *gag* water to get to the coop...so hopefully no more flooding!!!
Our neighbor was spraying his field today...not sure with what...but either way getting ready for planting. Oh how I love spring!!!

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