Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful Day

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I couldn't log of those random things...Yesterday mom and I planted most of the seeds, we're saving the broccoli and lettuce seeds to just plant right into the ground... We have the seeds in our old 10 and twenty gallon fish tanks, they're sitting onto of the fridge with a fluorescent light shinning onto them. I can't wait to see the seed sprouting! It's so exciting! I love gardening and watching things grow.

Today Sammy and I rode Seattle and Odysseus. We only rode them for five or so minutes because we're getting them back into shape. (though we were out there for a good hour, picking hooves and calming them) It was so much fun! I love spring!!!

It's time for bed here in Ohio, so I'm going to say goodnight!

Gabrielle W.

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