Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost Spring

Spring is almost here in Ohio, and if you're like me, you've already started planning from what fruits and veggies you're going to plant, to what bathing suit your going to buy. It doesn't matter whether or not your a (hobby) farmer or living in the suburbs, everyone loves spring and summer!

This year my mom and I are going to plant seeds (next week actually) indoors. Which is a totally new thing for us...we normaly go to Lowes and pay up to five bucks for one plant. And since we want to grow enough to freeze/can we have to buy/plant alot to feed our seven member family. And if you have a drought or pests or they just don't grow, you've just wasted hundreds of dollars.
We had great luck last year growing from seeds that we planted out side. I'll keep you updated on this.

Today is rather cold (coat and gloves needed outside) compared to this past couple days, where all you needed was jeans and short sleeves.
We brought out hot water to add to the horses food as we normally do in winter time.
The chickens are upset about not being able to come outside since the icestorm back in January destroyed there fenced in/netted roof outdoor run area that protects them from our dogs and the hawks in the area. We provide a light in substitute for the sun to keep our egg production up. We hope to get it rebuilt by the begining of April.

We've had rabbits eating our new trees, along with some of our un-protected fruit trees, we've put the useful, but ugly black tubing around the fruit trees, the new trees are tiny and the tube would fly off in the wind. So, some of the trees look like sticks stuck into the ground. We already have electric fencing around the garden, but we have to fix it to keep the rabbits out (it was designed to keep the horses and dogs out).

Remember to take the time to enjoy your life;
Best wishes,
Twin Oaks Stable's
Gabrielle W.

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