Sunday, May 28, 2017

Act Like Men, By James MacDonald-Book Review

About the book:
"As goes the man, so goes the family-the church-the nation-and sadly, it's not going well. Every statistic, from porn to paternity, from divorce to detention rates, shouts with astounding clarity: "Men are in trouble!"
Men are struggling not to slip superficial, self-indulgent secularism when so man on every side are rinning in the direction. The need is urgent and the time is now for real revival in the hearts of men. If you are seeking a path forward-an action to get some traction in a better direction-Act Like Men is that path. I believe men want to be challenged and stretched, tested to the limits of who we are. That's how God designed us."
First off, obviously, I'm not the target demographic for this book. But I love psychology and reading books out of my demographic, I find it fascinating. That said, I also love James MacDonald's teaching.
The Introduction of the book is a great reminder how men and women differ, -from the book (among other things), "men don't read".
Now, I don't want to go into to much review because I feel coming from a women it might be taken like, "yes, men need to change, man up. Men are the problem." know? Yes, men need to start acting like men...But, women also need to start acting like ladies. Both biblical standards. With that said;
James MacDonald does a great job at getting the point across, "keeping it simple". With 5 sections, 40 chapters (a 40 day devotional, the chapters are short (but not stupid short)) and at the end of each chapter are questions for reflection followed by a prayer. 
In closing, using humor and situations (I think) every man can relate to, Act Like Men, will guide you towards biblical manhood. An excellent read, both on your own or in a small group...I hope to get my dad, brothers and (God willing) husband to read this book.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Seated with Christ, By Heather Holleman-Book Review

About the book:
"Many of us live half alive. We compare, compete, self-analyze, and self-promote in our endless, busy pursuit of perfection. Seated with Christ heralds a new kind of living. If it's true what Scripture says, that we are treasured by God and give a place at His table, then all we need to do is to take our seats. Heather Holleman shows us how. Joyfully sharing her journey to seated living, she invites us to walk out on the fight for acceptance, stop comparing ourselves to others, and leap free from cycles of shame. She tells of confidence that lets us celebrate the seats of others and be perfectly content with our own. Take your seat and love-simply, freely, fully-because of Jesus, for Jesus and in love with Jesus. Quit trying: be free."

This book came to me at the perfect time. Struggling with self-worth has always been an issue for me. "I'm a nobody. I'll never be enough."
Literally in the first chapter on the first and second page, Heather Holleman described what I was going through, (Paraphrasing) 
"I knew Jesus, I loved Jesus. I worshiped and served Him...I studied my bible, prayed, went to church, shared my faith...but something was life was more about me. I wanted importance and recognition. I wanted love. I wanted something...(Ephesians 2:6) I was not living as one who had a seat at the table. I lived as one fighting for a seat at the table."
The Holy Spirit convicted me, giving me many epiphanies as I read this book. Showing me where I wasn't letting go and letting God...really showing me how I had an earthly view. 
I especially loved the Four Hard but Great Questions chapter, with the questions being; 1. Is Jesus better than anything? 2. Will I live the live God asks me to? 3. Is there anything in my life that doesn't please God? 4. Am I available to be Gods spokesperson?
All in all, a good read!
I received this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Wings of the Wind (Out From Egypt #3) By Connilyn Cossette-Book Review

About the book:
"Motherless and raised alongside her brothers, Alanah, a Canaanite, is no stranger to fighting. When her father and brothers are killed in battle with the Hebrews, she disguises herself and sneaks onto the battlefield to avenge her family. The one thing she never counted on was surviving. 
Tobiah, a Hebrew warrior, has spent his share of time on the battlefield and is shocked to find an unconscious women among the casualties. Compelled to bring her to a healer back at the camp, he's unprepared for the consequences of what he intended as an act of compassion. In order to survive, Alanah must unite with her enemy. But will a terrible revelation drive her toward an even greater danger?"
Have you ever had one of those books that you force yourself to read slowly? You know, you make yourself put it down to eat, exercise and go to work? Savoring it for as long as you can because you don't know when you'll find another book that holds you captive again?
Well, Wings of the Wind is one of those books for me. Connilyn Cossette does and amazing job with the characters and their developments. 
The third book in the series. Works as a stand alone, though you get small spoilers from previous books (i.e. who marries who).
The romance that blossoms between them isn't the work of Stockholm Syndrome. Alanah, already knowing how wicked her people are, slowly starts seeing the truth; multiple times reminding herself that Tobiah is "the enemy". 
Alanah also has a believable spiritual growth. She doesn't automatically "click" with the idea of "the true God". And as she starts to realize the truth, her "how can he love me/forgive me" comes into play, and then towards the end her relationship explodes with faith (how I believe it would have).
I received this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pink Eye and Milk Fever (or Pregnancy Toxemia)

My purposeful pursuit in the blogging atmosphere isn't going to well...sorry about that. 
My sister is doing online college classes this semester so I haven't been able to steal her computer. 
One that note; I never mentioned that my sister is going back to school to become a nurse, she's been doing all of her prerequisites and applied for the first time to the nursing program for a fall semester and (drum roll please!) SHE WAS ACCEPTED! I'm so proud of her and excited to see where the Lord leads her. She has such an amazing and caring heart! 
My dad recently got a new laptop so I've stolen his old one, which means (fingers crossed) I'll be more on top of blogging. 

After ten years of owning livestock we've had our first run in with the dreaded pink eye in our sheep herd. 
It happened practically over night. 
We go out one day and Perseus' right eye was swollen and white. It was bad! At first we thought it was an eye injury...upon research we discovered pink eye. 
We stared treatment with NFZ Puffer ...over the next week we treated him and continually checked all the other sheep. Cinder and Samson's eyes started to get cloudy so we started treating them as well. It only took about a week for Cinder and Samson's eyes to clear up...Perseus' eye, took longer and honestly we think he no longer has vision in that eye...but pink eye is all cleared up (we recommend NFZ Puffer for Pink Eye, it worked great for us)! 
On to another medical issue. 
Cinder developed either milk fever or pregnancy toxemia. We're not sure which, so as a precaution we've been treating her for both. She's almost 100%. 

Evangeline should be lambing anytime soon, she's starting to bag up....Coraline is due end of April, she's the only doe we bred this year. 
We were surprised with three chicks in March. Samantha and I were getting ready to leave when we noticed a hen walking around the yard with three chicks following. We had no idea she was even missing...they are now safe in a tractor (we were scrambling to catch them before the cats did!)

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