Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mornings with Tozer; Daily Devotional Readings with A.W. Tozer-Book Review

About the book:
"Grab your coffee, find your favorite chair, and begin your day with guidance from A. W. Tozer. Many of these 365 devotional readings come from sermons Tozer preached close to his death in 1963, marking them with a deep concern for spiritual intimacy and true worship. He urges you to pursue God, confess sin, pray fervently, and seek the Spirit. Let this book be garnish in your feast of God's word. As you welcome the morning light and all the sights and sounds of the new day, let Mornings with Tozer awaken your heart."

This is the first time I read anything by Tozer and I really enjoyed it. Though the entries are short and simple the message it's sending is deep. 
Like other devotionals each day starts with a topic, bible verse, the devotional entry and ends with a prayer. 
The entries flow and are easy (and enjoyable) to read. Mornings with Tozer is a great addition to your morning study.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Out of the Ordinary, By Jen Turano-Book Review

About the book:
"Miss Gertrude Cadwalader hoped her position as the paid companion to Mrs. Davenport would be easy. But as she becomes acquainted with her employer, she realizes the wealthy Mrs. Davenport has a strange tendency to be a bit light-fingered with other people's trinkets. Gertrude is relieved when Mrs. Davenport decides to have a quiet summer away from the social scene--until the woman changes her mind in order to help a young socialite launch into society. 
When Gertrude is caught in the act of trying to return one of the trinkets by Mrs. Sinclair, the mother of shipping magnate Harrison Sinclair, the woman jumps to an unfortunate conclusion. Harrison is determined to mend fences with Miss Cadwalader, but he's unprepared for the escapades a friendship with her will entail."

I really enjoy books written by Jen Turano; they are always fun, entertaining and a joy to read. And this is no exception. With hilarious escapades, witty conversations, and the characters quirky personalities, this books is a great way to brighten your day. A great historical romantic fiction set in New York during the Gilded Age. 
Out of the ordinary is book #2 is the Apart from the Crowd series, having not read the first book I can tell you that you can easily read this without having read the first. 
Looking past everything, this book also contains a great message of forgiveness and turning guilt over to God.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

His Last Words, By Kim Erickson- Book Review

About the book:
""Imagine knowing you only have several more hours to live. Picture the faces of your loved ones gathered around you. Allow the emotions to rise up in your heart.
What would you say?\
John 13–17 records Jesus’ last words to the disciples before His death, revealing what was most important to Him. When we study those words and prayers today, we enter deep into the heart of Jesus and come away changed: overwhelmed by the love of God, inspired to follow Him, and empowered to spread the gospel.
His Last Words is an 7-week Bible study that plumbs the depths of Jesus’ final teachings to the disciples. It features:
A verse-by-verse study of John 13–17 and portions of John 18–21
Five lessons each week, one set aside for reflection and prayer
Discussion questions for small groups
Two weeks for review, reflection, and application
and more
Jesus’ last words are words of eternal life—powerful and full of love. If you’ve been longing for more intimacy in your relationship with God, more meaning in your life, and more boldness in your witness, His Last Words will draw you into just what you need: the Word of God.

His Last Words is an interesting study, something I actually never really put thought into. Intended as a group study for women (though can easily be used as a personal study), His Last Words is divided into a seven-week study, with small sections to read and reflect upon each day. Each chapter begins with a walk through a passage, verse by verse and then follows with thoughts and a number of questions that make you stop and think about your own life and how the Scriptures applies. 
I personally found this study to be easy to understand (not overwhelming), nicely written and overall and enjoyable study to help strengthen my understanding on the importance of the days leading up to the cross. 
I received this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own.
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Adorned By Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth- Book Review

About the book:
""New from bestselling author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Known for her wisdom, warmth, and knowledge of Scripture, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has encouraged millions through her books, radio programs, and conferences. Now she’s back with a legacy work on Titus 2 and its powerful vision for women:
Woman to woman. Older to younger. Day to day. Life to life.
This is God’s beautiful plan.
The Titus 2 model of older women living out the gospel alongside younger women is vital for us all to thrive. It is mutually strengthening, glorifies God, and makes His truth believable to our world.
Imagine older women investing themselves in the lives of younger women, blessing whole families and churches. Imagine young wives, moms, and singles gaining wisdom and encouragement from women who’ve been there and have found God’s ways to be true and good. Imagine all women—from older women to young girls—living out His transforming gospel together, growing the entire body of Christ to be more beautiful.
This is Christian community as God designed it. Read this book and take your relationships to new depths, that your life might find its fullest meaning as you adorn the gospel of Christ.""

Using Titus 2, where the older women are told to teach the younger women, Nancy illustrates just how important it is. 
As with all her books, Nancy does a wonderful job bringing to life what living out the gospel together looks like.
We're not suppose to go at it alone. Mentoring is an important part of the Christian women's life. Whether as a mentor or being mentored, these relationships help strengthen our Christian walk. Using her own experiences to show how important it is, Nancy encourages the older women to invest their time into younger women, and encourages the younger women to embrace the wisdom from the older. 
Not only is this book well written,  but the subject of intergenerational mentoring is a subject I've rarely seen but is highly needed in the Christian community. 
This isn't a light reading, but rather a Scripture saturated study. I highly recommend this book!
I received this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own.
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